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Footlights List

Footlights has an on-line listserv with hundreds of subscribers. Subscribing is free.

To join our Footlights listserv, send an e-mail to FootlightsDC+subscribe@groups.io.

Once you subscribe, you can also post your own messages to the list.

Guidelines for Posting to the Footlights E-List:

(1) Messages should be related to Footlights and/or theater. We do accept messages about some other area arts productions, but they must be minimal in size. If you want to comment on a play, tell us about it in your own words—and few of them. If you want to publicize an arts event, and that includes plays, make it bare bones: name, date, time, contact phone number, ticket price. Please do not send ads or press releases. You can provide a link to the source.

(2) Original messages only. No forwarded messages. No attachments. If you want to cite someone else's message and/or review, provide a link. But no forwarding, and no verbatim cut and paste copying of verbose reviews or press releases. Link to the release, but don't paste in the release itself.

(3) Keep it brief: 4 paragraphs at the most. No more than 250-300 words. Exceptions: reservation lists for our theater trips and dinner-discussions.